How do I proceed after completion of the 'Activation' process, when I get the 'Awaiting Registration Verification' message?
The message is an indication that you have successfully activated for TCS and in order to proceed further, registration verification is required. To proceed with registration verification, select the 'My Compliance Profile' sub-menu item

I cannot activate my 'My Compliance Profile'?
In order to activate the 'My Compliance Profile' you must have the TCS user profile on your eFiling profile. Speak to your tax consultant/tax practitioner or eFiling administrator to request such rights.

All my tax products are not displayed on my ERC01/MCP?
If your ERC01 form or MCP does not display all the relevant tax types, you must make use of the 'Merge' functionality on eFiling.

I have tax products linked to me on my ERC01/MCP but they do not belong to me?
Visit a SARS branch to request the removal of the tax product in question.

How do I fix my compliance status?
Click on the Non-Compliance indicator and follow the steps to rectify your status.

What should I do if I do not agree with the status reflected on the 'My Compliance Profile (MCP)'?
If you do not agree with the compliance status displayed and according to your records you have paid all outstanding debt, filed all outstanding returns and you have already exhausted existing processes to address the non-compliances with SARS

I paid the debt owed but this does not reflect on my 'My Compliance Profile'?
Payments made may take up to 72 hours to reflect on your 'My Compliance Profile'.

How does SARS account for an approved Suspension of Payment when calculating the debt on 'My Compliance Profile'?
At the moment the compliance balance on the 'My Compliance Profile' does not factor in approved amounts under a Suspension of Payment. Suspended amounts will therefore still reflect as debt on the 'My Compliance Profile'.

What impact does a limited time override have on the Tax Compliance Status (TCS)?
An override implemented on your Tax Compliance Status will not change the status reflected on the 'My Compliance Profile', however when you apply for a TCS to receive a PIN or obtain a TCC, your overall compliance status will be reflected as 'Compliant'.

What does it mean if I get the following error message: "this service is already underway for another user"?
This message appears when the TCS service has already been activated for the taxpayer and now the taxpayer is trying to activate it on another eFiling profile for the same taxpayer.