What are the three SARS POA forms provided?
The three SARS POA forms provided are:- TPPOA - Special Power of Attorney to Tax Practitioner :-ASPOA - Authority on Special Power of Attorney by Tax Practitioner

Can I appoint someone to change banking details on my behalf?
Yes you can appoint someone to change banking details on your behalf, provided that the supporting document (relevant material) is presented.

Will my banking details be captured when registering as a taxpayer or re-activation of my tax number?
No, banking details can only be updated when asking for the change of banking details: At a SARS branch Please note: Customs and Excise clients’ needs to visit their nearest SARS Customs branch

Which certified copies of ID/passports/driving licence/asylum seekers permit are accepted?
Only copies certified by authorised persons will be accepted (e.g. Attorneys, South African Post Office, South African Police Station, etc.). A “true copy” stamp must always accompany the Commissioner of Oaths stamp.

Can I post all my original banking details documents to SARS?
No, posted originals or copies of documents relating to banking details won’t be processed and the documents will be returned.

How will I be kept up-to-date of any new registrations or changes made to the registered particulars?
New registrations or changes made on the profile will be communicated in the following manner,

Who can be appointed to change my banking details?
The following persons, may be appointed to change your banking details on your behalf: Requestor with mandate: Personal Assistant/Clerk/Administrative officer to the tax practitioner, Tax Consultant,

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