How do I apply for Income Tax Exemption?
The Tax Exemption Unit (TEU) will consider an application for exemption that complies with the following: A formal application for exemption must be lodged with the TEU in the following format

What does fiduciary responsibility mean?
Fiduciary means a person who holds a position of trust or responsibility including decision-making powers relating to the affairs of an organisation.

What is a written undertaking?
The written undertaking is a commitment made by the person accepting fiduciary responsibility for the funds and assets of the organisation that, although the founding document

What does “persons who are not connected” mean?
Spouses and close relatives to one another and any one related to a person or his spouse within the third degree of consanguinity

What is a founding document?
The founding document means the constitution, will or other written instrument in terms of which an organisation is established and governed.