What is the process of submitting 3rd Party Data via Secure web (HTTPS) or Connect Direct (C: D)?
Follow these easy five steps: Step 1: Enrolment and activation - The Business Administrator (BA) must enrol the Organisation and Technical Administrator (TA); - The TA must enrol the Technical User (TU) and request a certificate; and

What is a 3rd Party Data declaration?
A 3rd Party Data declaration is a form used by a responsible entity to authorise data submitted via 3rd party data channels (C: D or HTTPS).

What are the pre-requisites to request a declaration?
• Data should have been successfully submitted. • Register an eFiling profile or use an existing profile. • Register tax type. A tax reference number can start with 0, 1, 2, 3, 7 or 9. • Allocate the user the correct access rights.

What are the different naming conventions?
​AEOI: ​Automatic Exchange Of Information is the name of the menu item on eFiling ​ DWT: ​Dividends Tax ​FATCA: ​Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act is the USA’s compliance act

How do I assign a company representative?
Step 1: User select the taxpayer they intend to represent from the taxpayer list. User navigates to “Organisations” tab >> “SARS Registered Details” menu

How do I activate a tax type on eFiling?
Follow these easy steps: 1. Logon to eFiling 2. Select the correct tax payer from the “Taxpayer List” 3. Navigate to the “Organisations” tab

Which details need to match the SARS registered details when activating a tax type?
The following fields need to match the SARS registered details (RAV01): •Name and Surname •Identification number •Banking Details •Email address •Address

What are the possible error messages?
When a taxpayer has not submitted the data via C:D or HTTPS the below message will be displayed when the taxpayer tries to request the declaration. Example on FTI02:

How do I prepare a file and name the file?
Follow these easy steps: 1.Download the Business requirement specification (BRS) for the data type you intend to submit; 2.Follow the guideline provided in the BRS to prepare a pipe “|” delimited file;

How does SARS validate the file?
File Structure Validations will be done in the sequence provided in the table below. If the file fails file structure validations, then a File Response Reason will be provided in the response file header:

Does the system show when the certificate has expired?
The status of the certificate is displayed on eFiling under the “Request Certificate” menu option under the “Enrol 3rd Party Data” menu. Notifications are sent to the Technical user and/or Business administrator respectively prior to expiry date.

How do I open ports for the Secure web (HTTPS) channel?
For users utilising the Secure web (HTTPS) to submit their files, it is important for Technical users to ensure that their network allows for internet traffic from the following ports:

How to confirm that your file was validated successfully?
SARS generates and sends a response file to the Technical user via the same channel the file was received. It is important that the response file is reviewed to ensure that all records in the file were successfully uploaded to SARS.

How do I manage rights to enable a use to submit a 3rd party data declaration for a specific tax type?
The eFiling administrator should apply the following steps: 1.Organisations >> Manage Groups >> Select correct group 2.Ensure the authorisation level is changed to “Submissions”

Can I view submitted data files on eFiling?
The technical administrator and the technical user will be able to view the summary of the data file submissions on the “Submission Dashboard”. The dashboard may be accessed by following the below steps: