How do I get a Notice of Registration?
The following Notices of Registration will no longer be issued: IT150 – Notice of Registration [Personal and Corporate Income Tax (CIT)] VAT 103 – Notice of Registration [Value-Added Tax (VAT)] EMP103 – Notice of Registration (Payroll Taxes).

Why should I register for Value-Added Tax (VAT)?
You should register for VAT if you intend participating in the VAT system. However, before you register you must carry on an enterprise and you must meet,

How do I register for Value-Added Tax (VAT)?
You register for VAT by completing and submitting a VAT 101 form with the requested supporting documents.

Can I register on a voluntary basis?
Yes, if the value of taxable supplies exceeded R50 000 in the past period of 12months.

What documents should I produce to SARS when registering for Value-Added Tax (VAT)?
The documents are listed in the VAT 101 form. Please refer to VAT 101 form.

How do I cancel my VAT registration?
You should let the SARS office where you are registered know in writing and in your letter explain why you want to deregister. Also you’ll need to