What is a credit push?
A credit push is payment transaction initiated on the eFiling site and presented to the banking product as a bill presentation (a payment request). Only once the user has logged into the banking

What do the codes at the end of the message (Message from bank: Payment request not successful. Message from bank 3-28) mean?
The code at the end of the message is important as it provides information why the transaction failed. This indicates that the fields for Group Number / Operator Number on the eFiling bank setup are incorrect.

What is a payment form?
The payment form serves as a source document that specifies which taxes must be/are being paid. A payment form may either be in the form of an assessment or

What is a Payment Reference Number (PRN)?
Each payment form is pre-populated with a unique payment reference number, or PRN, which is used to match the allocations on the payment form to the actual payment made.

What must I do if I want to do a credit push payment via eFiling, but receive an error message: “Payment request not successful” (Message from bank: Payment request not successful. Message from bank 3-28)?
You must ensure that you use the correct Group Number / Operator Number.

When making a cheque payment over the counter at one of the relevant banking institutions, to whom should the cheque be made out?
In order to prevent any fraudulent activities, clients are requested to make cheques out to the “South African Revenue Service” in full, in any of the official languages, and not use the abbreviation “SARS”.

Where do I find SARS payment or bank details to pay my Personal Income Tax via EFT or at a bank branch?
If you owe money to SARS, the Payment Advice on eFiling is pre-populated with a unique Payment Reference Number (PRN). Please refer to your Statement of Account (ITSA).

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