Who should request a tax directive?
Form A&D, Form B, Form C and Form E can only be completed by the fund administrator or insurer. IRP3(a) must be completed by the employer.

What relevant material is required to request for a tax directive?
For Emigration withdrawal the Retirement Annuity Fund administrator must complete a manual Form C and the following documents must be attached to the Form C and submitted to a SARS Branch Office for consideration

Why is it necessary to request a directive application?
Fund administrators / insurers and employers are required in terms of paragraph 9(3) of the Fourth Schedule to the Income Tax Act to apply for a directive for any lump sum payable.

How long is a tax directive valid for?
A tax directive is only valid for the tax year or period stated on the directive.

How do I calculate the tax-free portion of a lump sum received or accrued on or after 1 October 2007 on retirement?
With effect 1 October 2007, Formula A was repealed. The definition of formula B has been amended and the symbols in Formula B (Z=C+E-D) represent the following:

What happens when I have paid more contributions into my retirement annuity fund (RA) in a year than I can claim against tax?
The excess amount will be carried over to the next tax year.

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