LIST OF sars efiling FORMS

The following list of forms are only available via eFiling or at a SARS branch:

  • CEB01 - Customs and Excise Billing Declaration

  • DTR01 – Information to record your Dividends Tax Transaction(s)

  • DTR02 – Dividends Tax Return

  • EMP201 – Monthly Employer Declaration

  • EMP501 - Employer Reconciliation Declaration

  • EMP601 - Tax Certificate Cancellation Declaration

  • EMP701 - Reconciliation Declaration Adjustment (only applicable for adjustments made between 1999 - 2008)
  • IRP6 – Return for Payment of Provisional Tax

  • IT12EI – Return of Income Exempt Organisation (Available for download)

  • IT14SD – Company Income Tax Supplementary Declaration

  • ITA34 – Notice of Assessment

  • ITR12 – Income Tax Return for Individuals

  • ITR14 – Income Tax Return for Companies

  • ITR14L - Income Tax Return for Long Term Insurance Companies (Available for download)

  • NOO – Notice of Objection

  • NOA – Notice of Appeal

  • RAV01 – Registration, Amendment and Verification Form

  • TDC01- Transfer Duty Declaration

  • VAT201 – Vendor Declaration

  • VDP01 – Voluntary Disclosure Application Form

  • WT002 - Return for Withholding Tax on Interest

The above forms aren't available on this website for downloading in PDF format. excluding IT12EI and ITR14L. They are ONLY available electronically via eFiling or at a SARS branch.

In other words, to get a copy of these forms, you will need to:

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