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rss.jpgIf you want to keep up to date with the latest developments at SARS simply subscribe to the RSS feeds for the subjects that interest you. You'll see the subject areas below. Once you click on one of these it will take you to the RSS page where you can select from a more detailed list of pages within that subject area. In order to be able to receive the RSS feeds directly to your email, you can click here to open a document with step by step procedure for adding RSS feeds on outlook.

Every time we make a change to that page or add a new guide or form you will be notified with a link direct to your Outlook mailbox. Click here to see exactly where to find the RSS feeds you've subscribed to in your mailbox. So no need to go looking for it on the website we’ll bring the content to you.

Every page where you see the RSS logo has this service. If you find a page that doesn’t and you’d like it to have a feed just let us know via website feedback.

General Feeds

Tax Type Specific Feeds

Legal and Policy Feeds 

Statistics Feeds

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