All Forms
VAT216 - Return iro Goods Sold for Settlement of Debt of Holder of the Goods - External (Form)

VAT119i - Indemnity iro VAT Act Bank Details - External (Form)

VAT301 - Application for VAT Rulings - External (Form)

VAT264 - Declaration for supply of second hand repossessed or surrendered goods - External (Form)

TPPOA - Special Power of Attorney to Tax Practitioner - External (Form)

VAT102 - Application for separate registration VAT - External form

VAT101 - Value Added Tax Registration Application - External form

VAT215 - Record in respect of Imported Services - External (Form)

VAT101D - Application for Registration of Diesel Refund - External (Form)

VAT202e - Notice of Change of Tax Period iro the Submission of a Return VAT 201 - External (Form)

VAT128 - Confirmation of Partnership - External (Form)

VAT403 - Trade Classification - External (Form)

VAT266 - Declaration of Goods (incl Fuel) Supplied at the Zero Rate (Form)

VAT250 - Declaration by Transferor of Share for Exemption of Stamp Duty (Form)

VAT125 - Declaration by Representative Vendor (Form)

VAT123T - Application for Cancellation of a Separately Registered Enterprise (Form)

VAT123D - Application for the Cancellation of Diesel Registration of a Person (Form)

VAT121 - Application for Category E - External (Form)

VAT117 - Application for Change in Accounting Basis - External (Form)

VAT102DIP - Application for Separate Registration of Offices of International Organisations - External (Form)

VAT102D - Application for Registration of Diesel Refund (Form)

VAT201 - Vendor Declaration - Sticky Notes

SPPOA - Special Power of Attorney - External (Form)

VAT267 - Declaration in respect of supply of goods or services to or from a CCA or an SEZ - External (Form)

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