All Forms
VAT216 - Return iro Goods Sold for Settlement of Debt of Holder of the Goods - External (Form)

VAT119i - Indemnity iro VAT Act Bank Details - External (Form)

VAT301 - Application for VAT Rulings - External (Form)

VAT264 - Declaration for supply of second hand repossessed or surrendered goods - External (Form)

VAT215 - Declaration in respect of Imported Services - External (Form)

TPPOA - Special Power of Attorney to Tax Practitioner - External (Form)

VAT102 - Application for separate registration VAT - External form

VAT101 - Value Added Tax Registration Application - External form

VAT101D - Application for Registration of Diesel Refund - External (Form)

VAT202e - Notice of Change of Tax Period iro the Submission of a Return VAT 201 - External (Form)

VAT128 - Confirmation of Partnership - External (Form)

VAT403 - Trade Classification - External (Form)

VAT266 - Declaration of Goods (incl Fuel) Supplied at the Zero Rate (Form)

VAT250 - Declaration by Transferor of Share for Exemption of Stamp Duty (Form)

VAT125 - Declaration by Representative Vendor (Form)

VAT123T - Application for Cancellation of a Separately Registered Enterprise (Form)

VAT123D - Application for the Cancellation of Diesel Registration of a Person (Form)

VAT121 - Application for Category E - External (Form)

VAT117 - Application for Change in Accounting Basis - External (Form)

VAT102DIP - Application for Separate Registration of Offices of International Organisations - External (Form)

VAT102D - Application for Registration of Diesel Refund (Form)

VAT201 - Vendor Declaration - Sticky Notes

SPPOA - Special Power of Attorney - External (Form)

VAT267 - Declaration in respect of supply of goods or services to or from a CCA or an SEZ - External (Form)


When is my VAT payment due?
VAT payments are due by the 25th day of the first month commencing after the end of the tax period, for businesses who file their returns and make payments electronically.

Can I continue with trading while waiting for my VAT registration number?

How is VAT calculated?
Deduct input tax from output tax laibility which will result in VAT payable or refund.

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