I want to import unpolished diamonds but I cannot wait for SADPMR to inspect the goods or the Kimberley Process Certificate. What can I do?
It is illegal to import rough diamonds without being accompanied by a KP Certificate. The regulator is mandated to verify and do the final inspection of all rough diamond import,

I wish to import unpolished diamonds which certificates or permits are required?
In terms of the Diamonds Act No. 56 of 1986, Regulations 6A and 6B, no unpolished diamond may be registered for export or import, unless the diamond is accompanied by a Kimberley Process Certificate.

Labelling - What communication has Gone out on the labelling regulation?
Regulation 6 and Annex D to Sections 24 and 26 of the Consumer Protection Act No. 68 of 2008 was published in GNR. 293 of 1 April 2011. An external policy,

Labelling - What language is allowed on labels?
Only English.​

Labelling - Who can be contacted at the NCC?
Any queries relating to the detention of goods must be directed to the National Consumer Council for the attention: The National Consumer Council at,

Labelling - Why are VOCs excluded from labelling requirements?
The reason for the exclusion of the VOCs is based on the fact that when an intervention is executed at the time of first clearance the labelling requirements would have been identified.

Labelling - Will a note contained in or on a document accompanying the goods suffice for labelling purposes or must each individual item be labelled?
In terms of paragraph 2.2.5 (a) of SC-IM-01-07 and SC-IM-01-08 it is imperative that the country of origin label be permanently affixed to the product.

Residence - Is there a specific rebate item for a natural person on change of permanent residence to the RSA wishing to import his or her motor vehicle?
Rebate item 407.04 is specific for the import of vehicles by natural persons on change of their permanent residence to South Africa.

What happens if a vehicle imported under cover of a CPD Carnet is stolen?
a) Where vehicles are stolen the guaranteeing association is still responsible to meet their obligations. Where the conditions of the CPD are not met this will still result in a claim being lodged for outstanding duties.

Customs have stopped an importers consignment, why do they require the production of documentation prior to the inspection?
The consignment to be inspected is often selected using information from the manifest that was originally submitted to Customs. The manifest contains a limited amount of information.

I want to import my personal effects and / or household goods. What do I require?
The goods or effects may be imported into the RSA without the payment of customs duty and VAT in terms of rebate item 407.06 of Schedule No. 4 to the Customs and Excise Act

I want to import unpolished diamonds but I am worried that Customs is going to inspect the diamonds and they will get stolen. What can I do to ensure this does not happen?
Owing to the high risk nature of this commodity, no physical inspections will be carried out on these goods.The importer or agent has to take the diamonds to the Regulator for breaking

Which goods are not considered samples of no commercial value?
The following are not included: i) Section 38(1) (a) (i) ""containers temporarily imported"".

Which goods are considered samples of no commercial value?
a) Goods which, in the opinion of the Commissioner, are of no commercial value include the following: i) Goods mutilated in such a way that they cannot be sold

Where no invoices are available can an importer use a sight declaration before making due entry?
Sight declarations - Where no invoices are available and the goods are “sighted” importers may make “due entry after sight” in the usual manner

Where must the declaration for the import of unpolished diamonds be submitted?
A declaration for import in respect of unpolished diamond(s) may be delivered: i) In the case of a direct levy payer, to the office of the Controller/ Branch Manager

Where can one obtain an import permit?
It depends on the type of permit that is required.

When submitting manual import documents to Customs and Excise what colour folders must I use?
PAYMENT CODE OF ENTRY FOLDER COLOUR DESCRIPTION Payment Code F (Free): YELLOW - When a customs declaration or a VOC(including refund VOCs)

When importing goods, what documentation is required for Customs clearance purposes?
The following is a list of documentation that is required for Customs clearance: SAD 500, SAD 502 only applicable if bonded goods are to be

When an importer wants to contest a determination made at a local office relating to stopped goods, what is the procedure to follow?
If a client wishes to contest a determination made at a local office, the following must be taken into consideration -: Identifiable literature or chemical composition from the supplier must be forwarded

What procedure should be followed to enter for home consumption a vehicle that was imported under cover of a CPD Carnet?
a) Permission to bring duties to account must be obtained before the expiry date of the CPD in writing from the nearest Customs Branch Office.

What kind of mutilation will be acceptable for footwear to be considered samples of no commercial value?
a) The samples must have been properly mutilated prior to importation and cannot be mutilated to conform to the requirements after their arrival in the country

What is the procedure for clearing imported goods through Customs?
The importer must submit the necessary documents at the nearest Customs branch office, alternatively the importer may appoint a clearing agent to do the clearance on their behalf.

What is the legislation that requires importers to produce invoices for imported goods?
Section 39(1)(c) of the Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964, as amended, requires the importer to produce documents including an invoice

What are the requirements for foodstuffs to qualify as samples of no commercial value?
a) Consignments of foodstuffs, non-alcoholic beverages, perfumes and chemical products which will be consumed or destroyed during demonstration may consist of more than one sample of each kind or quality

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