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Job seekers do not need tax reference numbers
SARS does not require a person to have a tax number when employed for the first time. Employers need to register employees for income tax online, read more
Trade Statistics for June 2019
SARS released trade statistics for June 2019 recording a trade surplus of R4.42 billion attributable to exports of R108.17 billion and imports of R103.75 billion, read more
Update on Filing Season 2019
To date, the response from South Africa has been great, with over 6 million logins, almost 1.3 million returns requested, and over 1 million returns submitted, read more
Beware of scams
Beware of fake SARS jobs on Facebook and refund emails claiming to be from SARS. Also, only use registered Tax Practitioners, ask for the registration number and verify online, read more
Have you received an SMS from SARS?
Have you received an SMS from SARS with your simulated calculation? read more
Issues with compatibility?
See our browser compatibility guidelines when you experience any issues with eFiling, read more
Single registration
Allows taxpayers to register, maintain and view associated tax and customs registrations in a consolidated tax profile, read more
Employer Statement of Account changes
To ensure that the information in the statement is clear, we have changed the way in which financial transactions are displayed, read more
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 Important Dates

23-08-2019 - VAT manual submissions and payments

29-08-2019 - Excise Duty payments

30-08-2019 - VAT electronic submissions and payments

30-08-2019 - PIT Provisional Tax Payments

30-08-2019 - CIT Provisional Tax Payments

06-09-2019 - PAYE submissions and payments

25-09-2019 - VAT manual submissions and payments

27-09-2019 - Excise Duty payments

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 Report Tax Crime

Scam Alert
You can report a tax or customs crime anonymously through our online form.
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