Keeping my business details up to date

Before completing your ITR14, make sure that that the contact, address, banking and public officer details of the company are correct by verifying and updating it (if required) on the Registration, Amendments and Verification Form (RAV01). You can verify and update the RAV01 details by:

  • Clicking on the “Maintain Registered particulars” on eFiling. SARS may request you to come into a branch to verify any changes to your banking details which may have been done via eFiling.

  • Visiting a SARS branch. Please consult the RAV01 guide to prepare the mandatory relevant material (supporting documents) required for updating of banking and public officer details at a SARS branch.
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 Top FAQs

When must the legal entity information of a company be verified and updated on the RAV01?
On submission of the Company Income Tax Return (ITR14), all legal entity data must be verified and outdated information must be updated on the RAV01 before the Company

When must the reconciliation detail be provided on the IT14SD reconciliation schedules?
When the “Reconciling difference” field on any of the following schedules exceeds R100, then it is mandatory for the Company to provide the detail(s) of the reconciliation differences in the Reconciling Items section of the IT14SD:

Which channels are available for submission of the IT14SD?
The IT14SD can be submitted through the following channels: -If the Company is a registered eFiler, electronically via eFiling; -If the Company is not registered as an eFiler, by visiting the nearest SARS branch.

How can the Company obtain the new format IT14SD?
Electronically via eFiling (where the Company is registered as an eFiler). • If the Company is not registered as an eFiler, the Company representative/Public Officer can visit the nearest SARS branch

Since the IT14SD form has format, will SARS accept the IT14SD complete in the old format and will SARS grant an extension for submission for IT14SD?
SARS communications will notify the public in advance with regards to the cut-off dates for submission of the old format IT14SD and the details pertaining to the new format IT14SD.