How to submit supporting documents for PAYE Audit Letters

Steps to submit supporting documents for PAYE audits


If you have received a PAYE Audit letter and need to submit supporting documents, login to eFiling and follow the six easy steps below:

Step 1: Select PAYE Maintenance and the relevant letter, either EMP201 or EMP501:

paye audit 1.jpg

Step 2: The 'Letters' screen will be displayed. Click on the 'View' link to view the letter:

paye audit 2.jpg


Step 3: Click on the 'Waiting for Documentation to be Uploaded' to upload the required supporting documents. The supporting documents screen will be displayed.


Step 4: Click the 'Browse' button and select the file(s) to be uploaded and click 'Open' to continue:

paye audit 3.jpg

paye audit4.jpg

paye audit 5.jpg


Step 5: The file name will be displayed in the 'Document Name' field. Select 'Upload' to continue:

paye audit 6.jpg

Step 6: Once all the documents have successfully been uploaded, click the 'Submit to SARS' button to send the documentation to SARS:

paye audit 7.jpg

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