Tax Types Transfer Process

What’s New?

  • 26 April 2021 – Enhancements to the Managing of Tax Types

    The Guide on how to register for eFiling and manage your user profile was updated to include the new function on how to Manage Tax Types and Practitioner configuration. The purpose of this document is to assist clients to register for eFiling and manage their eFiling profiles. For more information, see the Guide on how to register for eFiling and manage your user profile.

  • 12 March 2021 – Enhancements to the Tax Type Transfer process
As part of ongoing enhancements to eFiling, during 2020 the eFiling Tax Type Transfer process was updated for Personal Income Tax products. These changes provided the taxpayer with full control of their eFiling profiles. Furthermore, any transfer requests to access taxpayer profiles, now require the taxpayer or their appointed Registered Representative to approve or reject such requests.

How will the enhanced process work? 

In the coming months, SARS will extend the above process to the remaining tax products and for all entities transacting on eFiling. Towards the end of April 2021, SARS will introduce the following key changes on eFiling:
  • Adding taxpayers to a profile (Organisations & Practitioners)
    • Removing multiple capture fields to simplify process
    • Validate captured information to ensure alignment to SARS records
  • Activating and Requesting Tax Types (All products and return types)
    • Registered Representatives will have access to their clients
    • SARS will provide products on register (masked) – user activates selected products
  • Tax Type Requests to be reviewed by the taxpayer or their appointed Registered Representative
    • Manage Tax Types on
    • Authentication layer with One-Time-Pin (cell and email)
    • Online Power of Attorney (POA) for Tax Type Transfer
    • Requests can be Approved/Rejected for each return type
Need help?
If you need help with adding a company to your existing eFiling profile and to request the transfer of the Company tax types click on the image below to view our helpful tutorial video.

Adding Taxpayers


Adding taxpayers (Current)

Screenshot of eFiling - Register New Organisation

Adding Taxpayers (New)

Screenshot of eFiling - Change Details section


Request Tax Types (Current)

Screenshot of eFiling - Request Tax Types Section

Manage Tax Types (Activations and Requests)

Screenshot of eFiling - Manage Tax Types Section


Manage Tax Type Transfers

Screenshot of where to find Tax Type Transfer on the SARS home page

Transfer Approvals

Screenshot of Tax Type Transfer approvals

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