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Auto-merging of tax profiles

What is it?

SARS will match and merge your registered details for tax, customs and excise that we have on our system. The merging of these records will create one consolidated profile. You will then be able to view and manage all your individual or company tax types and registered particulars in one consolidated view.   Please note, none of your details will be changed. SARS will simply match and merge your records into one consolidated profile to make it easier for you to view and manage the profile.  

Who is affected?

This auto-merge process will affect individuals and companies who have multiple tax and customs registrations and whose profiles were not previously merged.  The process will take place in batches over a period of six months.  

What is the process?

This is how it will work:

  • SARS will send affected taxpayers a letter to indicate the records that will be merged.  
  • If you do not agree with the records indicated, you have 21 days from the date of issue of the letter to request a correction to the records that will be merged. Your request for correction can be submitted via your eFiling profile or at a SARS Branch. Please provide detailed reasons why a specific record should be excluded from your consolidated profile.
  • If you have not sent a request for correction, SARS will merge your records and send you a confirmation letter. The letter will indicate all the records that have been merged into your consolidated tax profile.
  • If you are a registered eFiler you will receive the letter on your eFiling Home Page. If you are not an eFiler but have an email address on our system, the letter will be forwarded to that email address. If you are not a registered eFiler and you have not provided SARS with an email address, we will send the letter to the postal address on our system.
  • Any outdated information that you detect on your profile must be updated by using the existing eFiling Registration, Amendment and Verification (RAV01) form or at a SARS Branch.

        Top tip: The RAV01 form is only available on eFiling and at a SARS branch. How to Complete the Registration Amendments and Verification Form RAV01 – External Guide

  • If you would like to include additional records which were not listed in the letter originally sent to you by SARS, you should perform an entity merge using eFiling or visit a SARS Branch with the relevant supporting documents to include the record.

Will access to the profile be affected?

A taxpayer’s eFiling access and permissions will not be affected during the merge process (login, submission of returns, payments and others).   If a company profile has multiple representatives for the various tax types on record at SARS, the income tax representative will be listed as the main record (Active Representative) unless the records have previously been merged by a Representative at a SARS Branch or on eFiling.   Other representatives will still have an active eFiling profile. They will still be able to submit returns and make payments. However, they will not be able to perform legal entity (sensitive) updates such as banking details or merges.  

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