FAQ: How can the Company obtain the new format IT14SD?

  • Electronically via eFiling (where the Company is registered as an eFiler).
    If the Company is not registered as an eFiler, the Company representative/Public Officer can visit the nearest SARS branch to obtain a printed copy of the IT14SD.
  • Alternatively, if the Company has access to the internet, visit the SARS website at www.sars.gov.za and view the IT14SD completion guide in order to prepare the required fields for capturing and submission of an IT14SD at the nearest SARS branch.
  • Alternatively, the company can register as an eFiler, but MUST first submit a revised company income tax return (ITR14) via the “Request for Correction” button. Thereafter, if SARS requires further verification, an IT14SD will automatically be available on the company’s eFiling profile.
    Note:  SARS strongly advises the Company to register as an eFiler in order to save the time and inconvenience of visiting the nearest SARS branch. Submission of the IT14SD on eFiling also prevents the Company from potentially having to re-visit the branch if the information prepared for completion of the IT14SD was incomplete or the return validation rules have not been adhered to.

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