FAQ: How does an organisation apply for section 18A approval?

A formal application must be submitted for consideration. An application form EI 1, which is available on the SARS website, must be completed. The organisation must provide motivated reasons based on legal grounds how the activities it actively engages in falls within the ambit of the approved PBAs in Part II of the Ninth Schedule to the IT Act.

1 .Complete the EI form , section 18A approval: A request for section 18A approval is contained on the EI 1. Activities of the organisation must be submitted. You must clearly state which activities, as listed in Part II of the Ninth Schedule, the organisation is conducting and motivate how the activities of the organisation fall within the scope of the section 18A activities.
3. A copy of the latest available financial statements must also be submitted.
4. The application for approval under section 18A may be done simultaneously when applying for approval as a PBO under section 30 of the IT Act.

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