FAQ: Need help with the New Postal Address Structure?

Before you submit your reconciliation submission, a critical item which must be updated, is the postal address information of your employees. These fields have been updated and have been aligned to the new SARS structure.

The old unstructured postal address format will not be accepted:

Employee Address Details – Postal: Line 1
Employee Address Details – Postal: Line 2
Employee Address Details – Postal: Line 3
Employee Address Details – Postal: Postal Code

The sooner you start preparing your submission, the better as this will give you time to resolve any little issues, which may arise.

The following examples will help you complete the new structure, easily on [email protected]™ Employer:

Bulk uploading of employees postal address details can also be done on [email protected]™ Employer. Refer to the Business Requirement Specification: PAYE Employer Reconciliation   for these requirements.

Before submitting your reconciliation documents, check your Employer Admin information is up-to-date on [email protected]™ Employer. Do this by:

Step 1
Click View/Edit/Change under EMPLOYER ADMIN (make sure that you select the tab called EDIT Employer).

Step 2
Complete/check each section, concerning the employer, as required:

  • Information
  • Address and Phone information
  • Bank Information
  • Contact Details

Top Tip: Click Next after each section to continue.

  • Click Save and Updated Employer and submit your declaration to SARS.

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