FAQ: Since the IT14SD form has been updated to a new format, will SARS accept the IT14SD completed in the old format. And will they also grant an extension for the submission of the IT14SD?

  • As communicated by SARS, after the cut-off date, the old format IT14SD will no longer be accepted by SARS and all postal submissions will be rejected. The Company will receive a rejection letter accompanied by the IT14SD submitted in the old format and will have to re-submit the information on the new IT14SD format  and visit the nearest SARS branch to have the IT14SD captured.
  • SARS has introduced extension rules for submission of the IT14SD in instances where a Company has been identified for verification and has not yet submitted the IT14SD.
    NOTE:  An extension cannot be granted once the Company has already exhausted every opportunity granted by SARS to submit the IT14SD and the verification case has already been allocated to an Auditor.
  • To apply for this extension, the Company must contact the SARS Contact Centre or visit the nearest SARS branch and ensure that you have the relevant “Verification of Income Tax Return” letter available for reference and provide a valid reason for requesting the extension.

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