FAQ: What information must be contained in an Income Tax Return (IT12EI)?

The return must contain the following:

  • The name of the organisation;
  • The income tax reference number;
  • he year of assessment;
  • The date of completion.
  • Contact details of the organisation;
  • All income and expenses must be declared even though the organisation is exempt;
  • The amount of the basic exemption (  which is the greater of 5% of the receipts and accruals or R 200 000) must be declared in the income tax return;
  • Organisations that have been approved to issue tax deductible receipts (section 18A) must indicate the number of section 18A receipts issued as well as the total rand value of donations issued;
  • Organisations approved as a section 18A(1)(b) must indicate if they met the distributions requirements;
  • Should the organisation not have any income to declare, it must still submit a return that contains a zero (0) in the applicable fields and not be left open.
  • If the organisation has been dormant, a return must still be submitted indicating that the organisation has been dormant

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