FAQ: Will multiple submissions of the IT14SD be allowed during a verification case?

  • For the relevant year of assessment specified in the verification letter:
    -Multiple versions of the IT14SD can be submitted at a SARS branch provided that the Company received a verification letter requesting the company to submit an IT14SD. Once the verification is finalised, further submissions of the IT14SD will be disallowed.
    -On eFiling, the IT14SD can be submitted in every instance where there is a verification letter published on the Company’s eFiling Income Tax work page requesting submission of the IT14SD. Once the IT14SD is submitted for the relevant verification letter published, the IT14SD submission will be de-activated until such time that SARS publishes a subsequent verification letter requesting the IT14SD.

NOTE: For a subsequent submission of the IT14SD for the relevant year of assessment, the data from the first submitted IT14SD will not be pre-populated on the return.

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