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Registration, Licensing and Accreditation

For an archive on RLA updates, click here. What’s New ? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and useful information: Licensing and Registration appeal process RLA presentation on how to onboard my clients I didn’t receive the initial communication from SARS to migrate to RLA, but I’ve received the notice for suspension? How to navigate the RLA […]

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Glossary A-M

Glossary Terms A – M  |  Glossary Terms N – Z This glossary describes some of the terms used on the SARS website. While every effort has been made to present accurate and up-to-date definitions, this glossary should be used as an interpretive aid only and not as an authority. SARS will not be liable […]

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Draft Documents for Public Comment – Due Date Passed

[…] Pension Laws Amendment Bill, to ensure the smooth implementation and administration of the “two pot” retirement system. changes. Date published: 9 June 2023   30 June 2023 Income Tax Act, 1962 Draft Guide Draft Guide – Tax Treatment of the Net-billing Tariff System for Excess Power Generated Explanatory Note This guide provides general guidance on […]

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Glossary N-Z

[…] SA/ZM The bilateral trade agreement between South Africa and Zimbabwe.   SACU The Southern African Customs Union, consisting of: The Republic of South Africa The Republic of Botswana; The Kingdom of eSwatini; The Kingdom of Lesotho; and The Republic of Namibia   SACU-EFTA FTA The free trade agreement between the Southern African Customs Union […]

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New Customs Legislation FAQs

1. Why modernise customs law? In an ever changing and complex international, regional and national environment, Customs plays a critical role in supporting Government’s programmes to promote economic growth, job creation and social cohesion.   The Customs and Excise Act, 1964, has not kept pace with the changing focus of customs work or with the radical […]

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Customs Connect Issue 4 (August 2013)

Welcome to Customs Connect – your electronic newsletter that will provide you with the latest news and information on Customs Modernisation and related matters. We hope you enjoy the read and that you will find the information helpful. To read our newsletter below, click on each heading to expand the corresponding article. Key Modernisation projects […]

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RLA updates archive

For the Registration, Licensing and Accreditation webpage, click here.  Archive of RLA updates 5 June 2023 – Update on the RLA roadshowsSARS is conducting roadshows in the regions to assist traders to onboard onto the electronic Registration, Licensing and Accreditation (RLA) eFiling system. Onboarding to the RLA system will lessen manual processing that would, at times, cause […]

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

What is it? EDI, or electronic data interchange, is essentially a “paperless” trading system. It involves the electronic transfer of data, by established message standards, from one computer application to another. Growth in world trade means businesses are increasingly developing better ways of managing the movement of raw materials, stock and finished goods. EDI organises […]

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What’s New? 6 September 2023 – DA66 Automation: Frequently Asked Questions The Customs Modernisation Journey Pre SARS Customs commenced with a modernisation journey between 1980 – 1997 with the introduction of the first automated clearance declaration and basic risk assessments together with the introduction of deferred payments The second journey was called the Customs Transformation Programme […]

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Automatic Exchange of Information

What’s New? 10 February 2023 – Updated Clarification document for AEOI (FATCA) Reporting TIN Codes The purpose of this document is to clarify the application of the supplied codes for the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) data fields for FATCA submissions. This version 3 was updated to align with the IRS Notice 2023-11. Third Party Data […]

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