FAQ: How do I find a SARS Source Code?

To find a source code, go to the Find a Source code webpage. We have an easy look-up table where you may search on any column within this list i.e. you can search for the source code, or the description. You can also sort on any column by clicking on the header for that column.

FAQ: What does SARS count as a business day?

Any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday. For the purposes of determining the days or a period allowed for complying with the provisions of Chapter 9 of the Tax Administration Act No.28 of 2011 (Dispute Resolution), excludes the days between 16 December of each year and 15 January of the following year, […]

FAQ: How will the rebate work?

If you are employed, the rebate must be included in your Income Tax return for the year ending 28 February 2024.  If you pay Provisional Tax, claim the solar-energy rebate in the two provisional tax returns that are due (February 2024 and August 2023) to reduce your taxable income. Note: you must pay income tax […]

FAQ: What documents do I need to claim a rebate?

Taxpayers will need a VAT invoice showing the cost of the solar panels separately from other items, along with proof of payment. The installation will have to be proved with a certificate of compliance in terms of the Electrical Installation Regulations (2009) to ensure safety of the installation and compliance with electric regulations.