FAQ: I have incurred interest on my mortgage bond, in respect of my home. I use a part of my home as my home office, and meet all of the requirements to claim a home office deduction. Can I claim the mortgage interest?

It has been Revenue practice to allow mortgage interest in the calculation of a claim for home office expenditure. Therefore, for the period ending on 28 February 2022, that is, up to the end of the 2022 year of assessment, you may claim the interest on your mortgage bond. The interest incurred must be apportioned […]

FAQ: I decided to turn the garage which was filled with clutter into an office, I renovated the space (paint, ceiling installation with lights, window, office chair and desk etc.). I own outright and do not pay bond or rent, and also do not have records of floor plans. Am I eligible to make a claim?

You will need to obtain accurate dimensions for the converted garage and rest of the buildings, perhaps from the local council. It is not a requirement that building plans be professionally drawn up, you can draw up the plan yourself, provided the measurements are accurate. You will not qualify for a deduction for the improvements […]

FAQ: I have always worked from home but never claimed a home office expense deduction. I now know that I could qualify. What deduction can I claim in the current year of assessment for equipment that I purchased in earlier years of assessment?

You may qualify for a wear-and-tear allowance on the asset. It will depend on the useful life of the asset. Please consult Interpretation Note 47 “Wear-and-Tear or Depreciation Allowance” (Issue 5) for a list setting out what SARS considers to be the useful life of certain assets, as well as the rules applicable to claiming […]

FAQ: A taxpayer and his or her spouse both require only a laptop to conduct their trade of employment. They share an office at home. The room is 100% an office and is used for nothing else. Does this fail the requirement of exclusive use? Should the house have two separate rooms that are used separately by each spouse for their work?

If the home office is clearly divided between the two spouses’ respective spaces, and each space meets the requirements for a home office deduction, then each spouse could qualify for a deduction. Evidence such as photographs of the room showing the clear division should be taken often. If there is no clear division of the […]