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Want to receive updates from the SARS website?

RSS feeds are another way to get content from the South African Revenue Service.

Subscribe to our feed to get the latest content – formatted for your favourite feed reader and updated whenever an item is added to ‘Latest News’.

Please ensure that you have an RSS Reader application installed on your device or browser before subscribing. 

Below are a few suggestions for RSS Reader applications. Depending on your preferred browser, you can download one of the following apps:

  • Chrome – Google Chrome extension

Search in the ‘Extensions’ search field for ‘RSS feeds’ and scroll to the following Chrome recommendation and click on it to install:

  • Edge – Feeder add-ons for Microsoft Edge

Search in the ‘add-ons’ search field for ‘RSS feeds’ and scroll to the following Edge recommendation and click to install:

  • Firefox – Feed Readers add-ons for Firefox:

Scroll to the following Firefox recommendation and click to install:

Steps to subscribe

Follow these easy steps:

  1. First install your preferred RSS Feed Reader application
  2. Click on the Subscribe button below to receive updates as & when they’re added to the SARS website under ‘Latest News’.
  3. If you are using Feedbro, you will have to open the RSS Feed Reader and add as a new feed.

After you’ve clicked on the ‘Subscribe via RSS ‘ button at the bottom of this webpage, this is how it will appear if the RSS Feed Reader application as per nr 1 above was NOT successfully installed versus how it will appear if it was done successfully:

RSS Feed Reader application NOT successfully installed:RSS Feed Reader application successfully installed:

If any issues, submit feedback via the Webmaster online form.

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