FAQ: Where do I find SARS payment or bank details to pay my Personal Income Tax via EFT or at a bank branch?

If you owe money to SARS, the Payment Advice on eFiling is pre-populated with a unique Payment Reference Number (PRN). Please refer to your Statement of Account (ITSA), which can be obtained via eFiling or SARS Contact Centre on 0800007277, see the print screen example.
The PRN for Income Tax starts with your tax reference number then a ‘T’ and eight zeros, e.g.  1234567899T00000000.
Top Tip: You don’t need to use a SARS bank account number to make payment, you can simply select from a standard drop-down of pre-loaded beneficiary IDs provided by the bank on your Internet banking. If you are making payment at a bank branch, the teller should select the SARS preloaded beneficiary. For Personal Income Tax, the SARS preloaded beneficiary to use is ‘SARS-ITA’.

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