If I owe SARS, how is the payment date calculated?

If you owe money to SARS the due date for payment will show on the Notice of Assessment (ITA34).

The payment due dates are:

  • Taxpayers who are not in the auto-assessment population, payment due date will be 30 days after an assessment has been issued; and
  • Taxpayers who are auto-assessed, payment due date will be 30 days after 23 October 2023, to ensure they don’t incur interest during the period they have to consider whether to file a return in response to the auto-assessment received from SARS.

Estates and overseas taxpayers get an extra month for both scenarios.

Note: If payment is not made by the due date, a penalty will be levied and interest will accrue from a backdated date. The backdated date is the first of the next month after the ‘Date of assessment’.

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