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Tax Directives: Trade testing starts 16 August 2023

Tax Directives: Trade testing starts 16 August 2023

24 July 2023 – SARS will introduce enhancements to the Tax Directives process as indicated in the IBIR‐006 Tax Directives Interface Specification Version 6.503. Trade testing is planned to start on Wednesday, 16 August 2023 to prepare for the implementation of the software during the second quarter of this financial year. If the dates need to change, SARS will communicate accordingly.

Keep an eye on the I want a Tax Directive and Independent Software Vendors webpages.

Please follow these steps to submit test files:

Step 1:
Before testing can commence, you will need to email 10 taxpayer reference numbers to [email protected] to ensure the numbers are active. In the email subject line, use “Tax reference numbers for Trade Testing”. A maximum of 10 taxpayer reference numbers will be allowed.

Step 2:
You will be notified via the same email address to confirm when testing may commence.

For trade testing queries please email [email protected].

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