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Tariff Amendments 2008

[…] 2008 ​GG 31123 R.630 ​Anti-dumping items published in Notice R.1040 of 2 August 2002 withdrawn Notice R.630 ​1 January 2002 ​4 June 2008 ​GG 31123 R.631 ​Withdrawal of anti-dumping duties Notice R.631 ​27 November 2003 ​20 June 2008 ​GG 31176 R.680 ​Schedule No. 2 amended with effect from 7 February 1997 up to and including 18 […]

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High Court: 2022-2020

[…] refinery; applicant paying  import duty when fuel left the warehouse; some of the fuel was destined for export  and applicant sought a refund through set-off against import duties once exportation completed; applicant, however, failing to produce documentation proving export of fuel and SARS refusing set-off; SARS obtaining civil judgment against applicant; applicant bringing urgent […]

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What’s new 17 April 2020 – Requests for duty deferment payment relief What is it? Customs duties and VAT are payable in accordance with  Section 39(1)(b) at the time of importation. Existing registered or licensed Customs clients may apply to defer the payment of Customs duty and VAT for a period of up to […]

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Tariff Amendments 2006

The Tariff Amendments are made in terms of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 by Notice in the Gazette. The Notices are arranged according to the publication date and grouped in the different years of issue, which can be accessed on the navigation pane above.The implementation date has been indicated in bold where it differs from the […]

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Tariff Amendments 2011

[…] 15:60 Taxation Proposals Taxation Proposals as tabled at 15:06 Errata Document (National Treasury)   Note:See pages 2-4 of the Errata document containing Table C.6 – Specific Excise Duties, 2010/11 – 2011/12 – with the amendments applicable only on hard copies of the 2011 Budget Review ​23 February 2011 Time of Tabling = 15:06 ​28 February 2011 ​GG 34059 R.175 […]

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Tariff Amendments 2022

[…] by the Minister of Finance on 23 February 2022 Notice R.2357 1 October 2022 15 July 2022 GG 47015R.2285 Imposition of provisional payment in relation to anti-dumping duties against the alleged dumping of frozen potato chips originating in or imported from Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands – ITAC Report 696 Notice R.2285 Up to […]

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Rule Amendments 2021

[…] 180 – Environmental Levy Account for Carbon Tax (Front page) Completion Notes to the DA 180 9 April 2021 1 April 2021 GG 44383R.305 Promulgation of rules to section 58A of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964, to implement anti-forestalling measures in respect of anticipated increases in excise duties (DAR 208) Notice R.305 1 April 2021

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Tax Statistics

[…] Tax Statistics – Company Income Tax – Chapter 3 2021 Tax Statistics – Value Added Tax – Chapter 4 2021 Tax Statistics – Import VAT and Customs duties – Chapter 5 2021 Tax Statistics – Tariff Code Table – Chapter 5 2021 Tax Statistics – Other taxes – Chapter 6 Media statement – 25 […]

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Conversion of the Excise, Levies and Duties returns to HTML5

Question 1: I am unable to open my Excise, Levies and Duties return.  It does not load and only three dots are visible on the page. Answer:   If you are unable to view your return, click on the “Back” button at the top of the page, this will take you back to the work page.  On […]

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Customs Storage Warehouse

[…] be processed for the removal thereof from such customs storage warehouse. In same instance the licensee / owner of the goods will be required to bring the duties and VAT to account if applicable at time of clearance.  The goods may not be removed from  or placed in such facility until a valid customs […]

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