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Rule Amendments 2023

The amendments to the Customs and Excise Rules are made in terms of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 by Notice in the Gazette. The Notices are arranged according to the publication date and grouped in the different years of issue, which can be accessed on the navigation pane above. An implementation date that falls on another […]

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Client Information System

What is the Client Information System? SARS will be matching and merging your tax, customs and excise records into one consolidated profile based on your registered details across your current tax, customs and excise records, read more. SARS’s Client Information System was implemented in 2014 and allows taxpayers and registered representatives to register, maintain and […]

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Traders and Travellers Connect Edition 1

[…] and through stakeholders to improve the tax ecosystem. Some traders have made us aware that they still struggle with understanding their Registration and/or Licensing requirements for various Customs and Excise products. To address their needs, this edition will focus on creating awareness about an online system that was specifically created and implemented for registration […]

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[…] 2008 (Act No. 61 of 2008), comes into operation Proclamation No. 14 1 June 2021 No. 6, 2021 ​GG 44383 ​1 April 2021 ​Section 58A of the Customs and Excise Act No. 91 of 1964, as inserted by section 5 of the Tax Administration Laws Amendment Act No. 22 of 2018, shall come into effect […]

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Reporting of Conveyances and Goods

[…] measures to ensure the safety of its staff and clients, including encouraging social distancing and limiting the number of people visiting SARS offices. As a result, if Customs clients wish to register as a cargo reporter, instead of couriering their registration documents or handing them in at SARS head office in Pretoria, they are […]

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What is a Customs Statement of Account (CSA)? The Customs Statement of Account lists all the financial transactions processed in a monthly progressive statement providing a complete view of a client’s account during the previous month and the effect of this on the open account balance. Financial transactions include all payable declarations submitted, amended […]

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What are Exports? The control of goods leaving the Republic is considered one of the core functions of Customs. Key economic decisions are based on trade statistics and it is therefore imperative that SARS accurately records export performance.  Processes to export goods out of the Republic The original copy of each export declaration is processed by Customs […]

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LAPD-LPrep-Bill-2013-06 – Customs Control Bill 45 of 2013

REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA CUSTOMS CONTROL BILL (As introduced in the National Assembly (proposed section 75); explanatory summary of Bill published in Government Gazette No. 36945 of 18 October 2013) (The English text is the offıcial text of the Bill) (M INISTER OF FINANCE ) ISBN 978-1-77597-095-8 No. of copies printed ……………………………… 1 800 […]

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LAPD-LPrep-Draft-2013-41 – Draft Customs Control Bill PreCertified Version

REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA CUSTOMS CONTROL BILL ——————————– (As introduced in the National Assembly (proposed section 75 ); explanatory summary of Bill published in Government Gazette No. of 2012) (The English text is the official text of the Bill) ——————————— (MINISTER OF FINANCE) DRAFT – Pre-certified version 2 040712nb BILL To provide for customs […]

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Guide to Customs Trader Portal for Registration and Licensing of Customs Clients

[…] channels can be submitted either through: eFiling; or The Registration Licensing and Accreditation (RLA) capturing functionality on SARS Service Manager System (SSM). The applicant can submit:  New Customs client type applications; Amend existing information pertaining to his/her:  Customs product; or  Client type;  The cancellation (withdrawal) of a Customs client type; or  The renewal of […]

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