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Media Release Archive 2007

[…] South African tax law   Abalone confiscated at border – 22 January 2007 An important intervention in the illicit trade of abalone (perlemoen) was made by SARS Customs officials at the weekend when a truck with about 600 kilograms of abalone was stopped and detained at the South African-Namibia border   Draft regulations for […]

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Southern African Customs Union (SACU) Agreement between the Governments of the Republic of Botswana, the Kingdom of Lesotho, the Republic of Namibia, the Republic of South Africa and the Kingdom of Swaziland (SACU) The Union consists of the Governments of the – Republic of Botswana Kingdom of Lesotho Republic of Namibia Republic of South […]

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Clearing Agents

What is a clearing agent? Any person (excluding a registered agent) who lodges a Customs Clearance Declaration (CCD): For reward on behalf of another Customs Client type; or Provides a service that includes the clearance of goods (e.g. Licensee of a Customs warehouse making CCD on behalf of the importer, exporter or owner of […]

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Rule Amendments 2013

The amendments to the Customs and Excise Rules are made in terms of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 by Notice in the Gazette. The Notices are arranged according to the publication date and grouped in the different years of issue, which can be accessed on the navigation pane above. An implementation date that falls on […]

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VAT Connect Issue 13 (November 2021)

[…] supplies correctly for VAT purposes. Qualifying taxpayers seeking to regularise their affairs are also encouraged to apply directly to the unit responsible for the Voluntary Disclosure Programme. Customs documentation and registration required for exports The export of goods from South Africa is subject to VAT at the zero rate provided certain requirements are met, […]

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Durban: Albany House Contact type: Customs: Harbours Country: South Africa Region: KwaZulu-Natal City: Durban: Albany House Telephone number: 0800 00 7277 Fax number: (031) 328 7446 Physical Address: 61 – 62 Margaret Mncadi Avenue Corner of Albany Grove & Margaret Mncadi Avenue Durban 4001 Postal address: Private Bag X54305 Durban 4000 Cape Town (P166) […]

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Customs Offices and Contacts

All telephone calls to Customs offices will now be routed automatically to the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277. This process has been introduced at SARS offices around the country in order to offer clients improved tracking and tracing of queries, as well as a single telephone number or point of contact, ensuring […]

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[…] oil, natural gas and their derivatives and other liquids and gases transported through cross-border pipelines as well as electricity transmitted through cross-border transmission lines. In order for Customs to safeguard any revenue due to the State and ensure compliance with national legislation, the importer must declare to Customs what they have brought into the […]

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[…] Schedule 1 – Consequential amendments to item 498.00 as a result of the changes requested by the Minister of Trade and Industry to Schedule No. 4 to the Customs and Excise Act, 1964 Regulation R.723 Note:Also refer to Tariff Amendments 2015 for Notices R.722 and R.724 amending Schedule No. 4 in this regard 9 February 2016 See […]

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Customs Payments

What’s New? 9 November 2020 – Update on the discontinuation of cheques Banks are discontinuing cheques as a payment method. The last date for SARS Customs payments made at a SARS port of entry per cheque will be on or before Sunday 13 December 2020 and for all other SARS payments, it will be on or before Thursday, 31 […]

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