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Arrival in SA

[…] physician) Herbal products (Department of Health permit required) Duty-free allowances The following goods may be imported duty free as accompanied baggage duty free (without payment of applicable duties and VAT): No more than 200 cigarettes and 20 cigars per person No more than 250g of cigarette or pipe tobacco per person No more than […]

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Independent Software Vendors

[…] than one source of income, legislation makes provision for SARS to determine a more accurate monthly PAYE deduction tax rate. We do this by using the latest data available to SARS and issuing that PAYE tax rate to your pension administrator. We refer to this as a fixed PAYE deduction rate. Your pension administrator […]

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VAT Connect Issue 4 (August 2014)

[…] immediately after importation, VAT is only payable on the scrap value and not the original importation value. This change aligns the VAT Act with similar relief from duties provided in the Customs and Excise Act, 1964.  Exemption for homeowners’ associations – The supply of services by, for example, a sectional title body corporate to […]

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High Court: 2022-2020

[…] cleared in 139 import transactions. SAB later discovered that the goods were fraudulently cleared by Ocean Light as traditional African beer – a product attracting less import duties and as a result of which, import duties and VAT amounting to R139m was not paid over to SARS. SARS had, through third party appointments and […]

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Client Information System

[…] SDL UIF – External Form VAT101 – Value Added Tax Registration Application – External form Need help? Visit the How to register for VAT on eFiling web page. Visit the How to register for PAYE on eFiling web page. Note: For CIPC registered companies you are not required to perform a separate SARS Tax […]

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Maintain personal details on eFiling vs Branch

Which registered details can be changed via eFiling? If you are an eFiler, you can change selected sensitive detail changes such as bank details and name / surname or registered name, in the cases of companies and trusts, on eFiling. If the validation of your banking details is unsuccessful on eFiling, you will be requested […]

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Tax Practitioners’ Connect Issue 24 (August)

[…] donations, the employee does not need to be in possession of a section 18A receipt, as the IRP5 certificate will be accepted as proof. A third party data verification has been established to ensure ease of compliance for taxpayers claiming their contributions and to validate the claims made. In the instance of payroll giving, […]

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Completing an ITR14

[…] ITR14.   If you want to make any changes then you will have to updated the legal entity information on the RAV01 on your eFiling profile. See our page on Keeping my business details up to date for more information. Frequently Asked Questions FAQ: Which return must be completed by Companies? The Company Income Tax […]

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How does Auto-Assessment work

[…] been issued after the deadline, the 40 business days will start on the date of the notice of the assessment.   How does the Auto-Assessment work? SARS receives data from employers, medical schemes, banks, retirement annuity funds, and other institutions. This data is used to calculate your tax assessment. If we are satisfied that the […]

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