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Glossary N-Z

[…] are in free circulation in a Customs territory may be temporary exported for manufacturing, processing or repair and then reimported with total or partial exemption from import duties and taxes. This facility is provided for in the Customs and Excise Act in the form of rebate provisions which can be found in Schedule 4. […]

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Prod 4

[…] company i’m not sure which ones to select. can i file for things i am yet to pay for? i am buying property and have to pay duties. i have received an invoice but have not made the payment yet. The certificate does not match certificate on the application. What do i do from […]

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Legal-LSec-CE-RA – Customs and Excise Rules 1995 as amended

[…] during the hours of business prescribed in item 201.20 of the Schedule to the Rules f or acceptance of SAD f orms and f or receipts of duties and other revenue; (bb) the provisions of paragraph (aa) shall mutatis mutandis apply to any storage warehouse f or f uel levy goods f rom which […]

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