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SE-GEN-02 – Accounting for Duty – External Policy

[…] July 2019 Acc ounting for Duty – External Policy SE -GEN -02 Revision: 1 Page 8 of 13 e) Rebate Item 460.24 – (Rebate of specific Customs duties on Excisable goods entered into South Africa): i) Rebate code 01.00 caters f or goods, specified in Part 2A of Schedule 1, imported into South Africa […]

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Legal-LSec-CE-RA – Customs and Excise Rules 1995 as amended

[…] during the hours of business prescribed in item 201.20 of the Schedule to the Rules f or acceptance of SAD f orms and f or receipts of duties and other revenue; (bb) the provisions of paragraph (aa) shall mutatis mutandis apply to any storage warehouse f or f uel levy goods f rom which […]

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