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Comprehensive Guide to the Income Tax Return for Trusts

[…] Trust return. Ensure that you refresh the IRP5/IT3(a) data before completing the return. VDP relief is available in respect of all taxes administered by SARS (but excluding duties and levies charged in terms of the Customs and Excise Act, 1964). This guide explains the legislative requirements applicable to the SARS Tax VDP, the application […]

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Guide to submit your individual income tax return (ITR12) via the SARS MobiApp

[…] pay any taxes or eligible for a tax refund. Various SARS service channels are available in which taxpayers can file/submit their return. These service platforms, amongst other duties, ensure that taxpayers are serviced efficiently and the information pertaining to their tax affairs are up to date, accurate and credible. This ultimately results to more […]

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Guide to Register for eFiling and Manage your User Profile

Download PDF Guide Summary The purpose of this webpage is to assist clients to register for eFiling and manage their eFiling profiles. eFiling is a free electronic tool designed by SARS to offer electronic services such as filing tax returns, making payments and accessing accounts to name a few. It allows you the benefit of […]

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Filing Season 2020

[…] Kieswetter, “During the time when our country is still battling the scourge of COVID-19, we hope taxpayers will take advantage of these innovations aimed at making it easier and faster for taxpayers to comply with their tax obligations.” To access this page in different languages click on the links below: IsiZulu Sesotho Afrikaans Sepedi Xitsonga

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1 July 2014 – Launch of 2014 Tax Season

[…] employers before the Tax Season starts. If there is an uncertainty about who should submit a tax return, taxpayers can get assistance on the 2014 Tax Season page. Alternatively taxpayers can call the SARS Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277. Improving Compliance— This year SARS has further improved its ability to verify taxpayer information […]

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SARS addresses Adobe termination of Flash Player

[…] Verification Form- RAV01 ​PAYE Declarations and related employment tax forms ​Tax Compliance Status Request- TCR01 ​VAT Declarations and related forms ​Dividends Tax Transactions Information DTR01 ​ ​Excise Duties & Levies EXD01 ​ ​Manual Declaration of financial Certificates IT3-01 and IT3-02 ​ Transfer Duty Declarations TDC01   In line with the service commitment of SARS, […]

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12 December 2017 – Tax statistics for 2017

[…] key driver for the aggregate growth in net VAT. VAT refunds totalled R181.6 billion and grew by 8.7%. Revenue collected from import taxes, Import VAT and Customs Duties declined by 1.0% and 1.5% respectively against the prior year. Subdued growth levels of merchandise imports, resulting from currency-driven high import costs and muted domestic activity, […]

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Release of the 15th Annual Edition of Tax Statistics

[…] active VAT vendors, they only contributed 2.3% of Domestic VAT payments and received just 1.2% of VAT refunds. As detailed in Chapter 5, Import VAT and Customs Duties accounted for 13.1% and 3.7% of the year’s Total Tax Revenue respectively; resulting in a 16.8% aggregate, which was below the 17.2% average over the preceding […]

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