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Registration, Licensing and Accreditation

[…] on Advance Import Payment (AIP) and Advance Payment Notifications (APN), how to merge your eFiling profile to access the APN etc. see the Advance Import Payments web page or email the Balance of Audit Payments team on [email protected]. Licensing and Registration appeal process RLA presentation on how to onboard my clients I didn’t receive […]

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Legal-DRJ-CC-2023-03 – Nu Africa Duty Free Shops (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Finance and Others (CCT 29-22 CCT 57-22 CCT 58-22) [2023] ZACC 31 (3 October 2023)

[…] whether the fiscus sustained any loss as a result. According to the Minister and the Commissioner , the fiscus was losing substantial revenue in respect of the duties on those products. The Commissioner calculated the losses to the fiscus owing to the illegal trading by diplomats of duty -free products to be around R100 […]

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LAPD-LPrep-Draft-2015-68 – Draft customs Control Act Rules track changes

[…] to Chapter 1. “service type”, in relation to a container, means the type of container, distinguishing between – (a) an empty container; (b) a full FCL (grou page) container; (c) an LCL container; and 24 (d) a full FCL container; “special economic zone” means a special economic zone within the meaning of the Special […]

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Guide to the SARS Online Query System (SOQS)

Download PDF Guide Summary This webpage will assist taxpayers to understand how to raise queries with SARS on the SARS Online Query System (SOQS) so that they do not have to go to a branch. To initiate a query, taxpayers simply need to complete the online form by selecting a Query Type; complete a set […]

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Guide to Services offered via the SARS MobiApp 

[…] Revenue Services (SARS) assists residence in this by providing services that are readily accessible to all South African residence in their quest to fulfil their tax compliance duties. Interacting with SARS digitally via the SARS MobiApp offers residents a safe and an easy way to resolve most tax queries. These are some of the […]

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SC-CF-55 – Clearance Declaration – External Policy

[…] ┬á Customs declarations based provisional payment 22 ┬á 2.11 ┬á Declaration system validations 23 ┬á 2.12 ┬á Release 23 ┬á 2.13 ┬á Anti-Dumping, Countervailing and Safe Guarding Duties 23 ┬á 2.14 ┬á Rebates of Duty Schedules 3 and 4 25 ┬á 2.14.1 ┬áReduction of duties and taxes 25 ┬á 2.14.2 ┬áExtent of Rebate 27 […]

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