Enterprise Research and Knowledge Management

What do we do?

The Enterprise Research and Knowledge Management Committee (ERKM) forms an integral part of the SARS organisational design established in the Office of the Commissioner to oversee, direct and monitor the implementation of the SARS research strategy to enable achievement and support the turnaround strategy for SARS and vision 2024.

How to apply for research approval with SARS?

The ERKM committee considers research proposals based on SARS data or information from external partners. As part of the application review, the approval process is aligned to all relevant legislation(s), the enterprise research framework, data governance policies, including other internal policies and procedures.  The data or information requests considered are derived from research proposals for post graduate studies or for academic purposes, and research proposals by national or international institutions or agencies.

Applicable mechanisms to inform researchers of the outcome of the research approval process will be followed once the application and submission of required documents have been submitted.  Research proposals and data requests must be submitted at least two months before commencing the proposed research to allow sufficient time for the approval process.


What are the criteria or guidelines for the approval process of a research proposal?

Research proposals for post graduate studies: Honours, Masters, PhD, Business leaderships and executive management (MBA, MBL, DBA, etc.):

The academic research proposal and data request, particularly for post-graduate studies must be finalised and approved by the relevant academic institution. Documents to be submitted include:

  1. Approved research proposal;
  2. Approved ethical clearance; and
  3. Approved detail data and information request.

Research proposals for under-graduate qualification including certifications are to be considered based on module assignments requirements for institutional approval.

Research proposals for non-academic purposes:

Research conducted by industry, for non-academic purposes, must outline the purpose of the research proposal in the application process and must state an undertaking to adhere to research sensitivity and ethical considerations.

The approval process will be informed by the risk associated with the data and information requested and the availability of data in the format requested.

Conditions for consideration and approval process

a) Approval of research proposals is to be based on the following criteria:
  1. Assessing the purpose of the study;
  2. Assessing the alignment of the study with the strategic goals of SARS;
  3. Assessing the methodology to be employed; and
  4. Assessing the benefits and value of the research proposal.

b) A research proposal can be approved or rejected.

c) The applicant shall be informed in writing whether or not their application has been successful, and in cases where:

  1. An applicant is not successful, he/she will be provided with reasons for the rejection of the research proposal;
  2. An applicant is successful, he/she will be provided with a letter stipulating the conditions pertaining to the approved research proposal.

d) After approval of the research proposal, the researcher:

  1. Will use his/her own resources to complete the study; and
  2. Will inform ERKM on deviations from the original approved research proposal.

e) On completion of the research:

After successful completion of the research paper / thesis / dissertation, a research summary and a copy of the research done must be sent to SARS.

Send us a request for the approval of a research proposal

Acknowledgement of research proposals will be done within 72 hours.

Kindly ensure that the research proposal and request for data and information is comprehensive and the required documentation is attached as per the instructions of the online request form.  Click here to submit your research proposal.

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