FAQ: ​How do we book a CSK test?

An employee needs to be nominated by his/ her Employer and registered on the CSK web application before he/ she can do a booking.

  • The Employee must accept the nomination of the client type before a booking can be made. The slots will be closed 4 days in advance of the test date.
  • By selecting the “Manage a booking” button, the Client’s Employee should be able to select a venue per region and city.
  • The list of available venues will be displayed; once the applicable venue has been selected, the Client’s Employee will be able to select a date and the selected venue with all dates, time and slots available will be displayed to the Employee.
  • The Client’s Employee should be able to view the appropriate date and time and select the Book button. Any special needs requirements will be displayed as part of the line of the booking entry.
  • The Client’s Employee will receive a pop-up message with the following message “You have successfully booked for the (client type)test at the (venue) on the (date) at (time)”.
  • The booking will be displayed under List of Bookings on the screen. A Client’s Employee will not be allowed to book for the same client type twice; an error message “You already booked a test date for the (client type) for the (date)” will be displayed to the them.
  • If all time slots are booked, the system should display the following error message: “No slots are available for the (client type) test”.

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