FAQ: How can I merge my entity profile on eFiling if I get the error message below?

If you get this error message:

To be able to view your Customs code, please perform merging of your tax and Customs products to enable the selection of your Customs code. If assistance is required in this regard, please call the Contact Centre on 0800 00 7277.

To merge:

Option 1: For customs to attend to this matter please submit DA185 application and below supporting documents in person to your nearest Customs Office to assist you with the merging.

Option 2: Please book an appointment on SARS Home | South African Revenue Service:

Supporting documents required for merging of profiles / update of profiles / appointment of public officer via virtual appointments

  • CK documents – that reflects the members as well
  • Proof of address in the name of the company – not older than three months
  • Bank confirmation letter – not older than three months
  • Resolution letter appointing the public officer, signed by all members, and accepted by appointed Public Officer (only if the public officer has not yet been appointed)
  • Proof of address for Public Officer – in the name if Public Officer – not older than three months
  • Certified copies of ID for all members and Public Officer
  • “Selfie” of Public Officer, holding his/her’s ID with a note stating: “update my details”

Should the public officer or the company NOT have any proof of address in their name then the CRA01 form can be completed by a 3rd party with their proof of address as well for the Public Officer.

The Public Officer can then complete the CRA01 for the company with her/his proof of address.

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