FAQ: I donated to the Solidarity fund through my employer and then made an additional donation to the Solidarity fund in my personal capacity. Do I add the amounts together or do I reflect the amounts separately?

The amount donated through your employer will be reflected on your IRP5 and will therefore be pre-populated under “Employee Tax Certificate Information [IRP5/IT3(a)]” on your return.

You must answer the following questions on the ITR12 wizard:

1. Do you want to claim donations made to approved organisation(s) in terms of s18A?
2. How many organisations did you donate to?

The donation container on the return will open both source codes 4055 and 4011, where the donation to the Solidarity fund was made on a personal capacity, such amount will be declared separately under the donation container (4055). Please ensure that you have an approved donation certificate provided by Solidarity fund and complete the PBO number and donated amount as per certificate.

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