FAQ: I receive an error ‘document failed to upload’ when uploading supporting documents on e@syFile?

If you receive the following message from e@syFile Employer when trying to upload supporting documents:

‘The document failed to load (One or more of your documents failed to load). The files may either be corrupt or not supported. If the documents was were created in a Microsoft Office application (eg. Word or Excel), please “Save As” an older version of the application and retry to uploading the documents.’

Try the following options:

  • Save the document as: a .doc (not .docx) format and try again or;
  • Save the document as: a .pdf format and try again.

Top tip: To save as: a .doc format, you will need to open the .docx document, select ‘Save as’ and then ‘Save as type’ Word 97 – 2003 Document:

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