FAQ: Should the company submit a STC return (IT56) reflecting the company’s available STC credits for the last dividend cycle under STC? If it does not will it lose the STC credits under the Dividends Tax system?

You only have to submit a STC return when it accompanies a STC payment (i.e. when STC is due). This requirement remains the same for the “final dividend cycle” under STC. Where an actual dividend has been declared and the dividend cycle ends on 31 March 2012, a return need only be submitted if STC is due.

Where the dividend cycle is deemed to end on 31 March 2012 (in terms of the proviso to the definition of “dividend cycle” in section 64B(1) of the Act) it is likely that no STC would be payable and hence no return would be required. The use of STC credits under the Dividends Tax system is not linked to the submission (or not) of a STC return.

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