FAQ: What if my employer didn’t give me an IRP5 or IT3(a), can I use my payslips to complete my ITR12 return? If so, which IRP5/IT3(a)number must I use?

If the taxpayer has requested his / her IRP5 or IT3(a) certificate from the employer / ex-employer and the employer has failed to provide such, the taxpayer must visit the nearest SARS branch or call the Contact Centre for advice pertaining to the steps to be taken.
When visiting the SARS branch or calling the Contact Centre, the taxpayer will be required to provide the following documentation:

  • All payslips issued by the employer for the year of assessment in question;
  • Bank statements to show the movement of salary into the taxpayer’s account from the employer, and if applicable a copy of a service contract;
  • Name and contact details of the employer; and
  • Physical address of the employer.

The above documentation will only be accepted if the employer is –

  • Insolvent / in liquidation;
  • Untraceable;
  • Deceased; or
  • Not registered for PAYE.

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