FAQ: What is the size- limitations pertaining to the uploading of Master File and the Local File returns?

The system will allow the specified user to upload multiple types of information (MNE Structures/Organogram, policies and financials) via e-Filing and the size of the files to be uploaded will be limited to 5 Megabytes (MB) per individual file (e.g. if the user is uploading an organogram of the MNE). Total documents to be uploaded for both the Master File and the Local File returns will be 20 documents at 5MB each thus, the total size limit of documents uploaded will be limited to a 100 MB. N.B. Conversions from other documents to PDF can extend the file size to greater than 5MB. Thus, for effective uploading w.r.t file size, it is recommended to convert to PDF prior to uploading to ensure that the file size of 5MB is retained.

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