What is the difference between the ITA34 and the SOA?

The differences are:

Notice of Assessment (ITA34) Statement of account (SOA)
Reflect the status for an assessment for a specific income tax year (year of assessment). Reflects the overall cumulative position of your tax balance for all years to the current one. (All transactions up to and including the date of issue.)
Indicates whether you need to submit supporting document for the verification process. Your tax compliance status is reflected.  Outstanding Income tax returns, verifications/audits and balance of your account will be reflected here.
The ITA34 is issued by SARS immediately on assessment of your income tax return. The statement of account can be requested by you at any time on eFiling, the SARS MobiApp and SMS.
The ITA34 is a SARS summary of your total annual income, expenses, deductions, rebates, PAYE and provisional tax paid for a specific tax year.
The payment reference number is reflected under details at the top of the ITA34. The payment reference number is reflected at the bottom of the statement of account.

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