Guide to Sufficient Knowledge Competency Assessment for AEO

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Accreditation requires traders to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of Customs Law and procedures, as per Section 64E(1)(b)(iv).  Traders who apply for accreditation must meet this criterion by nominating personnel to write the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) sufficient knowledge competency assessment.

Traders must apply for the AEO sufficient knowledge competency assessment through SARS eFiling.

The application to take the competency assessment may be made in respect of:

  • The applicant (Trader/Customs Client) personally; or
  • Employee(s) of the applicant that is nominated as person(s) who will administer accredited requirements.

Application for AEO sufficient knowledge competency assessment

Log in to eFiling

  • The applicant appoints a registered representative who will be assigned the relevant user rights and roles to act on the applicant’s behalf through eFiling, as described in GEN-ELEC-18-G01. The registered representative must be registered on eFiling.
  • The registered representative logs on to the eFiling platform as described in SC-CF-42.
  • The system displays the registered representative’s portfolio and trader details. The registered representative must change his/her portfolio type from individual to organisation by clicking on the portfolio dropdown list to display the organisations linked his/her profile.

  • The Customs tab appears on the top menu.
  • The registered representative selects:
    • Customs;
    • Customs Registration;
    • Customs Sufficient Knowledge; and
    • Continue

  • The system displays the trader ribbon as active and the employee ribbon as inactive. The registered representative selects the trader option.

Register for the assessment

  • The registered representative:
    • Selects the registration tab;
    • Clicks edit to complete their registration details; and
    • Clicks save.
  • If the registered representative intends to take the assessment, tick the do you intend to take the assessment box.

Nominate employees to take assessment

  • Employees registered on eFiling may be nominated for the AEO sufficient knowledge competency assessment. The employees must be assigned the relevant user rights by the registered representative to be linked to the applicant, as described in GEN-ELEC-18-G01.
  • The registered representative:
    • Selects the employees tab;
    • Completes the nominated employee’s details; and
    • Clicks save.

  • The registered representative:
    • Clicks the nominations tab;
    • Searches for the nominated employees using their ID/Passport number; and
    • Clicks save.

  • The list of nominated employees is displayed once a nomination is saved. A link for the nomination is sent via email or SMS to the employee.

Acceptance of nomination

  • The nominated employee logs on to eFiling and follows the steps outlined in Log in to eFiling paragraph.
  • The system displays the trader ribbon as inactive and nominated employee ribbon as active. The employee selects the nominated employee option.
  • The employee selects the nominations tab and clicks accept. He/she receives an email as confirmation of acceptance.

Complete the AEO sufficient knowledge competency assessment

  • The nominated employee selects the bookings tab to make a booking on an available date.

  • On the day of the assessment, the nominated employee:
    • Selects the assessment tab; and
    • Clicks start to commence the assessment.

  • The questions appear in sequential order. The nominated employee selects next once a question is completed and the following question appears on the screen. All questions must be answered.

  • The nominated employee clicks submit once the assessment is complete.

  • The results are immediately available.

  • The results may be viewed by selecting the results tab. If required, the results may be emailed or downloaded.

  • The registered representative may view the assessment results for the nominated employees by selecting the results tab from the trader profile. If required, the results may be emailed or downloaded.

  • An Accreditation Competency Assessment Certificate is issued in the name of the person who took the assessment, provided they have achieved a score of at least 70%. The certificate remains valid for five (5) years from the date of issue, subject to requirements in Rule 64E.06 (4).
  • Where a nominated employee has not achieved a score of 70%, the nominated employee may rebook a new timeslot to rewrite the assessment, as described in complete the AEO sufficient knowledge competency assessment paragraph.

Definitions, acronyms and abbreviations

The definitions, acronyms and abbreviations can be accessed here – Glossary webpage.

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