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Changes to Customs Registration Licensing and Designation

Changes to Customs Registration Licensing and Designation

23 April 2021 – The second phase of the systems enhancements to the Registration, Licensing and Accreditation (RLA) system has been implemented whereby the following categories of Customs clients can now also apply for registration or licensing electronically via eFiling:

  • Approved exporters;
  • Customs warehouses (excluding CCA Enterprise storage warehouses);
  • Manufacturers in terms of AGOA;
  • Producers in terms of the SADC-EPA, SADC, SACU/EFTA, SACU-MERCOSUR and GSP Norway, Russia and Turkey;
  • Reporters (e.g. transit shed operators, container operators, wharf operators, depot operators, sea cargo carriers, railway and airway authorities);
  • Searchers searching for abandoned wrecks; and
  • Special Economic Zone Operators.

The external policy SC-CF-19 – Registration Licensing and Designation has been updated.

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