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Customs Clearance Declaration, Refunds & Drawbacks

Customs Clearance Declaration, Refunds & Drawbacks

30 July 2021 – The Customs Clearance Declaration as well as the Refunds and Drawbacks documents were amended to insert the requirements for:

  • The Automotive Production Development Programme (APDP) Phase 2; and
  • The new export duty on scrap metal published in Schedule 1 Part 6A.

The APDP requirements include the insertion of the additional information codes in the Completion of Declarations manual which must be entered on the Customs clearance declaration (CCD) and a refund item to enable APDP clients to claim back duties.  To claim back these duties, the importer must be in possession of a valid Production Rebate Certificate (PRC) of which the importer is the beneficiary.

Export duty must be paid manually on a CEB01 utilising the DA 490/DA 494 process (SC-CF-16).

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