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Customs contingency plan to facilitate trade and support Transnet

Customs contingency plan to facilitate trade and support Transnet

23 July 2021 – The SARS Customs team developed a contingency plan to facilitate trade and to support Transnet. An interim measure to ensure release of import and export cargo from and to TNPA and TPT has been implemented by SARS and Transnet SOC Ltd with effect 23 July 2021. The Customs Branch offices will print hard copy releases and physically stamp the documents together with the SAD 500’s.

Requests for such reprints will be made via the existing dedicated mailboxes below:

Cargo owners will then present this stamped document when requesting release of the cargo or entry to the export stacks. This hard copy document will also be used by Transnet as a control against unlawful delivery of cargo to a road haulier not licensed/ authorised to collect the said cargo or to deliver the cargo to the export stacks. In addition, this stamped document will be used to assess and collect cargo dues.

Transnet SOC Ltd has assured SARS that no shipments will be released or enter the export stacks without  the verification and upon instruction of SARS that an existing,  valid SARS Customs release notification has been issued for the said consignment.

Transnet will notify Customs immediately of any attempts to obtain release of cargo in contravention of the Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964.

In addition,  Customs will increase the numbers of patrols and gate checks at the harbours. Increased port control will enhance enforcement interventions so as to identify and deal with any trends of non-compliance that may become prevalent.

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