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Customs: Temporary solution for over carried cargo

Customs: Temporary solution for over carried cargo

20 July 2021 – A temporary solution for over carried cargo was implemented. It has been noted that the withdrawal of the DA 31 for over carried cargo has left a void in the treatment of over carried cargo. SARS further acknowledges that the temporary solution that was put in place regarding the usage of the DA 6 until a more permanent viable solution is provided may not be a legally viable solution and the incorrect usage of the DA 6 as it was not intended for the purpose of over carried cargo.

Clients are advised that the newly approved interim procedure for over carried cargo will be to submit a manual voucher of correction (VOC) under the provisions of Section 40(3)(a)(i)(C) to the respective Branch Office where once processed a manual release will be provided to the declarant. See the signed letter here.

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